2017 Hope Run

Team Kim

Our team is participating in the 2017 Hospice Hope Run to honor the memory of Kim Masich, who passed away last July after a three-year battle with ovarian cancer. During her last few weeks, she was greatly comforted by the care of Hospice and its nurses. The organization was able to provide medical support that allowed Kim to be as comfortable and active as possible at the end of her fight.

Hospice nurses did frequent checkups during those weeks and administered around the clock care during her last few days. They were all deeply committed to Kim’s care and attentive to her needs. They were also knowledgeable and able to help with any questions or concerns we had. The peace of mind they provided to all of us during that time is immeasurable. We knew they were an advocate for her and would help us make her experience as peaceful as possible. Those were difficult times for our family, but Hospice helped us do the best we could for Kim. Hospice’s care allowed her to live her last days as fully and painlessly as possible.  

We envision this team not only as a way to support Hospice’s ability to assist other patients, but also as a way to honor Kim, who was an active volunteer for Hospice herself. She believed in Hospice’s mission and spent many hours volunteering for the organization. She worked on fundraising and helped coordinate the Hope Run for a number of years. Through this team, we hope to celebrate and honor Kim by supporting this organization that meant so much to her. While we won’t be able to replicate the impact she had, we hope this team can carry Kim’s legacy forward and allow Hospice to continue to support other families in need. 



The Masich family 


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