2018 NEWHOPE Run

Alex's Angels

Thank you for Joining my Team!

Most of us sometime in our lives have heard of Hospice. I personally had heard of them, but had never had any contact with them, their facility, or staff.....Until Oct. 2009 when my 41 year old brother, Alex, found out he had stomach cancer. For a short while, Hospice came out to care for Alex at home. He then went to the Hospice House in Winston-Salem in Nov. 2009. He was there for two weeks, before he sadly lost his hard fought battle and passed away on Dec. 5, 2009. I truly do not know what we would have done without them!! Not only did they take remarkable care of Alex...they took care of us! The facility has two family rooms that have stocked kitchen areas and beautiful living areas with a huge fireplaces, large screen TV's,  overstuffed chairs....all the comforts of home. We were allowed to spend as much time with him as we wanted...day or night. The staff are some incredible, kind people with huge hearts!! They made our time there...as comfortable as it could be! Without the help of donations, none of this would be possible. Please help us in giving back to this place and these wonderful people that give so much to others...anything you can donate is appreciated...it all adds up!!!

Thank you so very much,

Charlene Burgess

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