2021 Hope Run

Momo's Tribe

Hi Friends!!!!!

Are you ready to participate in the Virtual Hope Run,  April 17th-24th? This is the 2nd year for Momo's Tribe and the 1st year it will be held in her memory. As we still hold her dear in our hearts with all the great memories she left behind I know we can ROCK this years Hope Run out just like we did last year!

Starr and I are coming up with a Tribal Theme and will share as soon as we have made our decision. It will all be done virtual again this year so you just have to share your page, tell your story of how Momo touched your life and then you can join us for an inspirational video or create your own to share. It's that easy. We have 35 days from today to show our support..

You have a couple of different options of joining our Tribe.

1. Sign up on our team Momo's Tribe- $25.00 participation fee and then you can share your page to start getting donations.
2. Donate to Momo's tribe
3. Support us when you see our social media post or emails and Share away!!!!

If you have any difficulty with the website, please email me at hcollege@trellissupport.org or text me at 336-407-7416

Thanks so much for always supporting my sister and I. This year is probably going to be more emotional than last years. Her 1 year date of death is coming up on May 18th. Please keep us in your prayers.

Heidi & Starr

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